Our History

BLUE RIBBON DESSERTS COOKBOOK was inspired by the multiple blue ribbons that Stan & Brenda Strom and family had received at the Arizona State Fair.  Over the past 20 years, the Strom’s have made hundreds of pies, cakes, cheesecakes and cookies for friends and family to enjoy.  This hobby exploded into a business reality when Stan and Brenda were featured on Food Nation with Bobby Flay on October 16, 2001.  Over 30 million viewers were expected to have seen the episode that featured Arizona citrus and Mr. Strom’s “Luscious Lemon Layer Pie” that won the Marie Callender Pie Contest in 2000.  Brenda too was featured for her prize winning Lemon Bars.  Previously, Mr. Strom had won the Pillsbury Softasilk Cake Championship in 1999 for his “Pirate’s Tropical Treasure Cake”, Crisco’s Pie Contest in 2001 for his “Coconut Cream Dream Pie” and 2005 with his pineapple creation called “Pirate’s Tropical Treasure Pie”.  In 2009, he won the C&H Sugar Pie Contest for his “Key Lime Coconut Custard Pie”.  He is a two-time national champion with his 2007 winner called “Hawaiian Vanilla Custard Pie” and 2010 winner called “Dark Chocolate Raspberry Glacier Pie” at the APC Crisco National Pie Championships in Orlando, Florida.

Stan C. Strom, the baker and author, has neither attended a culinary school-cooking class nor worked in a bakery.  He credits his culinary dessert passion and education to The Food Network.  While he was inspired by his Grandma Joy with her Swedish heritage and wonderful home-baked goods, he likes to create new dessert recipes like the character, Jenna, in the movie Waitress and then try them out on friends.  This cookbook contains his perfected award winning results.

album1001003Blue Ribbon Desserts was opened in 2002 and holds trademark and trade-name registrations.  Through hundreds of failures and taste tests, Stan perfected techniques in pie crust, cake texture, taste and creative dessert presentations.  The cookbook is filled with tips to make your baking a success.  Instead of being rejected by defeat, he asked the judges, professional bakers and other competitors how to get better.  So it is with this journey that we hope to inspire you too.  Don’t be afraid to try out these recipes.  Throw in your changes and personal changes and dare to be different!

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